Brooklyn Labyrinth by Sergei Burbank, Kate Keretz, and Isaac Rathbone, was produced at the BOCOCA Arts Festival in June 2011, it was then remounted at The Chain Theater. It ran from September 25th-October 6th, 2013.

Director – Sara Wolkowitz

Brooklyn Labyrinth
These three interwoven narratives, retelling the Minotaur myth with a contemporary voice, show us that monsters are rarely who we expect—and that safety might not be outside the maze looking in, but the other way around...

DUMBO by Kate Kertez, Bensonhurst by Isaac Rathbone, Daedalus at the Navy Yards by Sergei Burbank

I was blown away with the work I saw tonight. It was an opportunity to see the depth of Sara Wolkowitz's ability as a director. It was both emotionally and physically exciting and heart wrenching. Brooklyn Labyrinth really took me to a place I'd never been. - Anita Keal