War Crimes by Sergei Burbank was produced at the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity in June 2010

Director – Sara Wolkowitz
Lighting Design – Mike Inwood

John Warder’s secret: he worked at a prison camp for Arab-Americans. When a trial for crimes committed there begins at The Hague, John resolves to present evidence -- an effort that could cost him everything. Meanwhile, he can’t avoid a 17th century merchant’s ghost -- or his son’s fate.


NYTheatre.com: “Director Sara Wolkowitz orchestrates fluid transitions between scenes, and between video and live action.”

Reviewfix.com: “….behind excellent writing and directing by Burbank and Wolkowitz and a cast loaded with depth, “War Crimes” is an independent theater production that deserves a much larger stage.”

Theasy.com: “The use of mixed media is both interesting and appropriate. Producing company Conflict of Interest has a film niche, and they (and director Sara Wolkowitz) use their expertise here to further develop the plot and expose interviews with characters not seen in the play itself.”

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